Is the motorcycle electric door lock and the ignition switch the same thing?

Time:2017-10-24 12:00:00

It is the same thing.

The professional name of the door lock is called the ignition switch, which is the keyhole that opens the key on one.

Here is a set of circuits that can turn on the power of the entire car when it is turned on, so that each signal light and speaker can be powered, and can also be powered up. After the circuit is turned off, the circuit is disconnected, but the ignition system is also short-circuited, so that the motorcycle cannot be pushed.

The key starts normally:

If the ignition button is activated by one button, only the function including the training memory is included.

one-button start:

A button or knob that is activated by a button must be activated when the presence of a smart key is received. This sensing distance is typically around 50 cm. In general, the smart key also has a key with a sawtooth or groove as we usually call it. Its function is to prevent the start of the one-button start function when using the mechanical start mode.

A car with a one-button start function generally does not need to insert a key, but it has a position to insert a key (the function is to prevent the one-key start function from malfunctioning and start with a key).